Body-tailored products

Shape your products to fit your customers

We provide tailored solutions for surgeons to be optimally prepared for surgical interventions.

  • Develop customer-centric design techniques
  • Obtain data of your customers’ shapes and deliver them perfectly adapted products
  • Reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction
  • Adapt the production to produce in the sizes that your customers demand, reducing production and storage costs
  • Create fully individualized clothes adapted to the unique body of key customers.

Body-tailored products

The challenge of product sizes and real body measurements

S, M, L, XL… - it is not that simple. The correct measurement of body shapes goes beyond classical product sizes. Every person has a different body with different shapes, but many producers insist in standardizing body products in just few categories, creating products that do not correctly fit the body shape of many customers.

In order to know which are the correct body sizes of your customers, we need to obtain and analyze image data about many different dimensions of their bodies. We can use this information to adapt your products to their bodies and recommend them which products will fit them better, thus increasing their satisfaction with your products.

This is how we do it:

Mass-customization, cheaper but adapted production

Adapt the design and production of your products to increase its comfort and performance while reducing costs thanks to our automation technologies. We will optimize your production to adjust it to the demand of the market in terms of sizes and shapes: this adaptation allows you to reduce storage costs and unsold stocks. Take your products to the market with the concrete measures and quantities that your customers need.

Create personalized and unique products for the most valuable customers

Another possibility of our technology is to create, in an automated and cost-efficient process, the design that fits exactly the whole body shape of a concrete customer. The customer would take an active part in this interactive design process, in which the products are individualized for his/her body. This fully personalized service would be really useful for customers of companies such as wedding dress producers, high-quality suit manufacturers or luxury lingerie designers.

You can offer clothes to your customers that, before trying them, they know they will be perfectly adapted to their body

Imaging this situation as customer of online clothes: At home, you download an app that, in less than two minutes, performs a 3D scan of your body measures. This information is transferred to the store where you want to buy clothes, which will recommend you some clothes that would fit you perfectly. You can buy this clothes online and, when they arrive home, they fit you exactly as you expect them to fit you. Furthermore, you visualize a virtual 3D representation of your exact body, and you can digitally try the clothes that you like on your virtual body in two clicks. Sounds futuristic, isn’t it?

Well, this technology is available nowadays, and it is going to be the solution to reduce the high return rates of online stores and e-commerce platforms. This technology could also be used in physical stores to reduce the time spent by customers trying different sizes. Adapt your design, production, marketing and sales with our 3D image technology and gain a valuable competitive advantage while reducing storage and return costs.


You can have a look at some of our medical projects involving image technology under the "Projects" section. Contact us to develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating health problems with 3D image technology.