Clinical research

Boost your research, publish faster
  • High-throughput data processing
  • Illustrative visualizations of research results
  • Building demonstrators and prototypes

Clinical Research

The challenge of performing medical research

Medical research lays the ground for improving health care safety and effectiveness through new drugs, devices, diagnostic tools and treatment concepts. Clinical researchers are faced nowadays with huge amounts of data to process in order to reach significant conclusions and the challenge of communicating them to peers and the society. Pre- and post-processing of data is usually costly and time-consuming. The field requires more and more non-medical expertise and the use of complex software systems in order to solve complex research questions. The need to communicate complex anatomical and functional relationships in an intuitive way is also a key challenge in the research process.

1000shapes provides highly efficient data processing and 3D model reconstruction services for medical image data. The research background of our company and our team, mainly formed by researchers and doctors from the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), certifies our ability to understand your research problems and assist you in finding ways to explore your hypotheses and to present your findings fast and easy. Let us manage the data while you focus on the core of your research, so that you can be the first one to achieve conclusions and publish your findings.

This is how we can help you:

High-throughput data processing

Based on our award-winning technology we efficiently segment your medical images to filter the images’ visual noises and adjust the contrast. We can convert these medical images or any other large medical image datasets into 3D models, which explicitly represent and quantify the patient’s anatomy. The combination of those models with our image technology will allow you to perform any kind of statistical shape analysis and correlate this information with functional aspects, e.g. derived from simulations. Our models are valuable not only for prospective research but also to validate therapeutic concepts in retrospection.

Illustrative visualizations of research results

We make your data easy to understand using our innovative visualization concepts. We convert tables, statistics and numbers into illustrative visualizations using modern 3D modeling techniques. These models allow you to easier explore, quantify and comprehend your data. In addition, communication of your research results with the scientific community, funding bodies or the public will become more effective. Make it visual, make it clear!

Building demonstrators and prototypes

You think that your research has a potential to become a product? We help you investigate the feasibility of your ideas and build a demonstrator to show to potential investors. Based on our toolkit of image and geometry processing as well as user interface technology, we rapidly transform your ideas into software prototypes in order to gather solid evidence within clinical trials.


You can have a look at some of our medical projects involving image technology under the "Projects" section. Contact us to develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating health problems with 3D image technology.