Industrial inspection

Automate quality assurance
  • Innovative quality management systems based on image information
  • 3D models generation
  • Maintenance and evolution of your products

Industrial inspection

The challenges of quality control

All the production processes must be controlled to ensure the quality of the products produced. The challenge of the quality controllers is to develop and manage quality assurance systems that effectively control the production in an affordable way, as well as to coordinate and communicate with the different workers involved in the production process. In the era of communication, the control of the quality becomes more relevant than ever to ensure the competitive sustainability of the company through the trust of the customers. New technologies offer an excellent opportunity for quality controllers to develop new quality management systems that efficiently check the quality of the products in more automated way.

1000shapes offers a new way of thinking about quality control through efficient software tools and services.

This is how we do it:

Innovative quality management systems based on image information

Our imaging techniques provide the opportunity to collect very important details about your products. We will study your products and recommend you which would be the best measurement technology (CT scans, X-ray, etc.) to generate images of your products. Through these scans we can analyze your products and all the internal details in a non-destructive, fast and reliable way.

3D models generation

We use the scan images to generate a 3D model of your products, which quantifies all the internal and external details, such as distances, variations and textures.

This conversion of the image data into a 3D model, which converts all the implicit image information of the scans into an explicit and clearer representation, is generated in an automatic and efficient process, making the quality control activity cheaper, more reliable and time-efficient. These 3D models are also a strong communication tool that can be used to explain to other team members the quality control process and be used to document the evolution of the production process.

Maintenance and evolution of your products

Explore the evolution of your product through time with this non-destructive technique. We can generate 3D models of old products that represent their evolution over time. As all the details and variations are quantified, these 3D models are an excellent tolerance analysis tool. Our software automatically synthetizes the different models over time, allowing you to easily visualize how your products have evolved.

Incorporate our automated image techniques into your quality management process and gain reliability while reducing time and costs.


You can have a look at some of our medical projects involving image technology under the "Projects" section. Contact us to develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating health problems with 3D image technology.