Design of implants and medical devices

Customized medical devices
  • 3D model generation from medical images to quantify and visualize a patient’s anatomy.
  • Medical device individualization to the concrete necessities of a specific patient.
  • Population analysis to better understand anatomy and its variation.
  • Mass customization: Design and production of medical devices adapted to different patient groups while maintaining the mass production advantages.
  • Efficient interactive software for surgeons to take part in the design of implants in complex cases.

Design of implants and medical devices

The challenge of implant customization

The innovation in the medical field is helping the patients to receive treatments better tailored to their needs. The implant manufacturers must improve their implants to increase their effectiveness, functionality and durability, keeping pace with the technological innovations and the competitors. The challenge for implant manufacturers is to be able to produce any kind of implant demanded by the surgeons to treat their patients, from generic implants to fully individualized solutions, increasing the satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Do you have implants for all possible cases? 1000shapes can help you achieve that objective with our innovative solutions for product design and manufacturing through efficient image software tools and services.

This is how we do it:

Digitize your patients

Our image analysis software provides the opportunity to gather highly valuable information about the anatomy of your patients! With image data and our software we create highly accurate and faithful 3D patient models, which represent complex geometric details and material properties of anatomical structures.

Fully individualized design of implants

Thanks to the generated highly detailed 3D models of patients’ anatomies, we can provide you with software to design and manufacture customized implants or instrumentation that perfectly fit to concrete patients.

Population analysis

We create statistical 3D shape and property models from large sets of anatomical models, which represent the average shape and property distribution of a particular anatomical structure from many different people as well as the ranges of variation within the given population. With the help of statistical models we enable you to quantify the variations and peculiarities of anatomical structures.

Mass customization

One size fits all? Not always. Medical devices must be developed to fit as many patients as possible while keeping production costs low. How can your product design be modularized efficiently without resorting to cost-intensive individualization? With the conclusions extracted in a population analysis from the anatomical variability and differences of your patients, we provide you with the knowledge to improve your product design in order to satisfy different patients’ requirements while still taking advantage from mass production.

Offering surgeons the tools to select or create the right implant

Our 3D models and software improve the interaction between you and the surgeons who use your devices to treat their patients. We offer workflow oriented software with intuitive user interfaces which facilitate them to choose the right implant or to take part in the design and manufacturing process in complex cases. With this interactive process, every surgeon gets exactly what she or he needs to treat her or his patients in an optimal way within a reduced time span.


You can have a look at some of our medical projects involving image technology under the "Projects" section. Contact us to develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating health problems with 3D image technology.