We want to show you what we already achieved thanks to our technology and our outstanding employees

Bonebridge-viewer for the BonebridgeTM implant

The BonebridgeTM implant helps patients with hearing loss to improve the daily hearing performance. We developed a software to plan the interactive positioning of the ear implant in a 3D-model reconstruction of the patient’s ear anatomy. This interactive plan tool gives the surgeon visual feedback on the distance to risk structures and the thickness of cortical bone at screw positions.

Scapula reconstruction from CT

Software used in the reconstruction of virtual models of scapulae based on CT Scans. This model is used by Zimmer Biomet for the creation of individualized shoulder implants. Thanks to our technology, we automate the data segmentation process of the scans to increase the efficiency of the designers.

Knee reconstruction from X-ray

Software to reconstruct a virtual model of a knee from an X-ray scan. This information is used by the implant manufacturer to efficiently create knee implants used by surgeons in surgical interventions.

Hip reconstruction from X-ray

We developed software to create virtual models of hips from X-ray. These models are used by Zimmer Biomet to create adapted hip implants in an automated manufacturing process.

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